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Domestic Cleaning Hints and Tips
Published on Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Domestic Cleaning Hints and Tips

1.    Get a domestic cleaning professional in
Having a cleaner may seem like the preserve of the rich and wealthy, but if you are busy, a weekly once over can do amazing things for your home. Not many people can afford to have a cleaner to do everything, but a combination of effort form those who live in the house alongside a cleaning service can leave you in a position where the cleaning is not a burden, and more of an easy going process. If you don’t have to worry about the larger, more time consuming jobs like vacuuming or mopping the whole house, then there are only the wiping up and dusting jobs left to do, and these are not exactly that time consuming.
2.    Prepare yourself
Nothing is less conducive to cleaning than having the wrong cleaning materials. You will find that failing to have a decent stocked cleaning cupboard will mean that when you come to get something done, you’ll simply not bother, because it is a massive hassle to leave the house and get more stuff! You need to be sure that you are fully equipped with various cloths and rags, sponges and flannels, cleaning products and obviously tools like dustpans, brushes, vacuums, mops and buckets. Ensure that your equipment is all working and the best for your home. You may find that a smaller or even cordless vacuum cleaner will make your life a lot easier when you come to hoover, saving time and effort, which will obviously be a great thing. Knowing that you have the most efficient cleaning set up will mean that you are not wasting any time and will ensure that you feel positive about getting things done well.
3.    Be economical
You will find that cleaning is quite expensive when you dissect it all, and this can mean that you are loathe to get it done, simply because it costs so much! If you can, look in to the idea of making your own cloths from old clothes that would otherwise be thrown out; they make a great variety of different cleaning materials, and will completely free of charge, as well as reusable. Avoiding ‘disposable’ items will ensure that you are not at risk of ending up spending huge amounts on cloths and sponges without realizing it. Sustainability is key in cleaning, and you will need to ensure that your equipment will last you a long time. It may cost you a little more at first, but the length of time that it carries on working will mean that you are getting a good service from it a lot longer than you would be a cheaper version. For instance, a plastic bucket may cost a couple of pounds less than a metal one, but how much longer would the metal one last you over all?
4.    Be clever
You know that you are not trained in cleaning, but there are bits and pieces that you don’t really need to be experienced in. Having a good knowledge of your home is essential when it comes to cleaning, but there will perhaps be expensive fabrics and surfaces in the home that you need to be careful of, as cleaning them with the wrong materials could well land you in a lot of trouble! Getting a cleaning professional in for any upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning will ensure that nothing gets damaged. You can always ask them for tips and advice on how you could perhaps get it cleaned in the future, so that you are a little more self-reliant in that area.


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