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DIY Carpet Cleaning
Published on Sunday, 14 October 2012

DIY Carpet CleaningCarpet cleaning is usually a costly endeavor, not to mention tedious. Generally, people avoid having their carpet shampooed, unless it is absolutely necessary and even then it is too expensive. Sometimes, however, if the stain isn't too pronounced, you can get away with not having your carpet or rugs professionally cleaned and still have good results. There are several ways to remove typical household stains, but be aware that what most of these are really just quick fixes and they will not substitute a full professional carpet cleaning, only fix smaller stains to some degree. There are some household products that will make certain types of stain practically disappear, but you will still need to shampoo the area, wait for it to dry and so on. The extra step is because you will not be able to get the same results as with a professional cleaning at home, unless you first loosen and minimize the stain.

1.    Grease stains can be cleaned using salt or soda. The salt acts to soak up the grease and to dry up the stain. Soda works in a similar way, but it can also whiten the spot, so salt  is better on lighter carpets. Whichever one you choose, you need to pour it generously over the stained area, so that it covers the spot. Next, you should wait for a minute or two for the salt to absorb the grease and then wipe it off or vacuum over it. Once the salt has done its job, the stain will be easy and fast to remove now. All you will need to do is put carpet shampoo onto it, lather it up and then remove it.

2.    Alternatively, carpet cleaning spray is easier to use, since it doesn't require any rinsing. All you will need to do is spray over the area, lather and then wait for a few hours. Once the area is dry, you should simply vacuum over it to remove any traces and the carpet will be good as new.

3.    Another kind of spot treatment should be used for blood, wine or ink stains. Hydrogen peroxide works excellent for this type of impurity. Simply pour some hydrogen peroxide on the spot and after it starts foaming, wipe it off with a dry cloth. This should remove most of the stain, but not all of it. For the remaining colour, you can use carpet cleaning spray, just like you would with a grease stain.

4.    Of course, sometimes there isn't a particular spot to clean, the carpet simply needs a good dusting. This is fairly easy to do, but you will need a clothesline and a paddle. After hanging the carpet from the clothesline, you can use the paddle to pat off any dust that has accumulated. For some, this is also a great way to vent out frustration. It is a good idea to combine a steam cleaning with this method, however this isn't strictly necessary. The steam cleaner removes any remaining dust particles and the high temperature of the steam makes this method very effective for killing any germs and microorganisms living between the bristles of the carpet.

5.    Lastly, if you are in any way confused about what you should do or how you should do it, you can always contact your local dry cleaner for advice, or simply have your  carpet professionally clean.

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