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Discovering the Simple Way to Tackle End of Tenancy Cleaning
Published on Friday, 27 September 2013

Discovering the Simple Way to Tackle End of Tenancy Cleaning

Moving home is an exciting time in life in which we close one chapter of our life to begin another. It is the opportunity to live a different way, try new things, meet new people and improve our surroundings. When relocating from one office to another you will be venturing into new territories with a new building that will allow you to work better and impress customers and clients. All of this comes with vast amounts of work such as sorting goods, packing items, heavy lifting, transport, arranging storage and more. Each has to be completed so you can transition successfully, so you should be prepared to put in lots of work over many hours.   

When you get to your new abode, you will expect it to be clean, organised and ready for you to live or work in. This is because the previous residents would have cleaned up before they left. Taking this into account means you should extend the same courtesy and be ready to clean up your old abode. Doing all this amidst a move can be tough and you may find that you think you can’t handle it. It can be simple though and taken care of swiftly. It may be easiest to hire professional, either to handle the clean while you sort your move, or movers to manage your goods while you clean, or maybe both. Doing this will allow you to see to other matters, or give you the time to complete things properly It can be expensive or you may want to do things yourself, so if you are to tackle your own post occupancy cleaning, read on to discover how to overcome it.   

The first thing that should be seen to is the floors. These can bear the brunt of you living as we place heavy goods on them, walk on them, drop item and crumbs, spill drinks and more. Dirt and stains can easily build up so you should handle them thoroughly. You should vacuum every inch of every floor until there is no remains of dust or hairs, including underneath any objects. All the furniture will be gone so it will be easy to cover every inch. If there are any stains apply the appropriate cleaning agents in order to remove them and cut any loose threads. If there are indentations left by furniture, they can be steamed out.

The kitchen is a likely candidate for the messiest room, so give it extra attention by wiping not only the surfaces but inside, on top and underneath cupboards. Clean any electronics inside and out if they are being left behind and dedicate yourself to removing stains and blemishes. Disinfect everything so they will be germ free and ready to have food prepared and stored on/in them. All of this can apply to any room.   

In some cases, you may be leaving furniture behind so ensure they are completely polished and wiped down. Repair any tears, remove loose strands and fix any damages. Any cupboards or storage units should be emptied and fully cleaned inside of them. If any bedding is to remind, make sure the sheets are washed.

Other things to consider are to tidy up the garden, with cutting the lawn a great sign of respect for the home's new owners. Don’t forget to look inside the attic to remove any old goods and make it suitable for new things to be placed inside.   

Getting ready for a move can be tough, but follow this advice and discover how easy end of tenancy cleaning can be.


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