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Cleaning while Hosting
Published on Sunday, 10 March 2013

Cleaning while Hosting

When it comes round to Christmas time, family birthdays or weddings or any kind of celebration that brings the family close together, you may find yourself playing host to a house full of guests.  If these guests are going to be staying in your home for a night or more then you may struggle to find the time to clean while still being a good hostess and not ignoring your guests or making your guests eel uncomfortable.

Don’t stress out or worry yourself too much, there are some things you can do to help:

1.    Pre-Clean your home.  Whilst this won’t help entirely and the house will still start to look untidy as it is being used by your family and guests, it will give you a good starting point.  Before your guests are due to arrive, give your entire home a good clean, paying particular attention to the bathroom and the bedrooms, living room and dining room, i.e. the rooms that your guests are most likely going to be using.

2.    Consider hiring some temporary help.  If you are expecting to be chained to the kitchen cooking meals for your guests and running around after them like a headless chicken, it may benefit you if you were to get some help.  There are a number of different things you can do, you could hire a temporary cook to do your cooking for you, leaving you free to spend time with your guests, alternatively, you could hire someone to play the role of butler, passing out drinks to your guests and trays of food and also collecting glasses, cups and plates that have been used and need cleaning.  You could also hire a cleaner, this would mean that you would have much more time to spend with your guests without having to worry that the house won’t look presentable, it would also mean a constant supply of clean plates, glasses, cutlery etc. which is what you could potentially run out of if you were to fall behind on the cleaning.

3.    15 minute cleaning sessions. Ordinarily you can put aside an hour or two to do your cleaning, but when you have guests you cannot do this without ignoring them or making them feel uncomfortable.  Therefore, do your cleaning in 15 minute intervals and choose times when your guests won’t notice you disappearing into the kitchen or de-cluttering the living room.  

4.    De-Cluttering. The main thing that makes a house look messy is having lots of things everywhere, try de-cluttering as you go to avoid a build-up of mess.

5.    Buy convenient products. Things like multi-purpose wipes are ideal to have in your home as they can be used to clean most things and you can keep a packet to hand to use as and when you need.

6.    Eat at a restaurant. Eating out saves you lots of time, you don’t need to prepare and cook food, and you won’t have a mountain of washing up to do afterwards.  Cooking for guests can be difficult anyway as you can never be sure what everyone likes and some people may have special dietary requirements that you need to consider, eating out ensures everyone can order something that they like and can eat.

7.    Accept help from your guests. You may not want to, and you may feel guilty afterwards for it, but you can accept help from your guests, especially if those guests are close family members who genuinely won’t mind. Obviously asking them to clean the toilet is out of line, but there’s nothing wrong with letting them help you wash up, or prepare a meal.
8.    Wait.  Your guests come to see you and your family, not to pick at the state in which you keep your house, therefore, just wait until they have gone to start you’re cleaning.


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