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Cleaning Up the Guest Bedroom After a Visit
Published on Sunday, 23 September 2012

Cleaning Up the Guest Bedroom After a VisitIf you have a guest bedroom, it is probably one of the least used areas of your home. Usually, guest bedrooms are either ignored most of the time, or used for storage in the absence of guests. Whenever the guest bedroom actually gets used according to its purpose, it should be treated very much like a hotel bedroom. That is, once the visit is over, the guest bedroom has to be returned to its original state. Ideally, this room should appear comfortable, but not lived in. It is always best not to delay the cleaning routine after your visitors are gone - not only is it a good idea to check if they have left anything behind and send it as soon as possible, but the more time the room stays neglected, the less you could use it for storage space. On that note, here are some tips and tricks for cleaning the guest bedroom after a visit.

1.    Strip the beds and throw all of the sheets, duvets, pillow cases and everything else in the laundry. It doesn't matter if the visit lasted two days, a week, or a month - you can reuse guest sheets without washing them. After the sheets and bedding have been cleaned, you might want to store them in the guest room dresser, so that they're easily available for your next visitors.

2.    Step one applies to all other fabrics in the room as well. Strip the curtains and launder them. If you don't use the guest bedroom that often, you do not have to put them up afterwards - simply pack everything away for the next time that you'll need it.

3.    Do a light clean of the entire room - vacuum, then mop, if applicable. You don't need to be extremely thorough and wash the windows, for example, if you've already done this before your guests arrived. However, make sure to once again air out the room and put in some kind of air freshener or potpouri to keep the air clean and pleasant smelling long after your guests have departed.

4.    If you've used any folding furniture, a futon or anything that needs to be disassembled, now is the time to do it. Pack everything neatly, ideally in its original packaging and put it in a corner or up against the wall.

5.    If you usually use this room as storage, move out any rugs or carpets, standing lights, wall decorations or anything else that you've added for your guests' comfort. Clear up as much space as possible.

6.    Finally, put back everything that you had stored in this room previously. Prioritize things, so that the ones you use the most will be near the front and the back is reserved for the things you rarely reach for. Make sure to not pile things up on top of each other and organize in a way that will make everything easy to move out next time you need to use the room for your guests.
Cleaning out the guest bedroom doesn't have to be a difficult task. Remember to relax and pace yourself. This doesn't have to be done all in one day, as this is an area of the house, which rarely gets used. Using these simple steps you should be able to get your guest bedroom clean, stripped and ready to use for whatever you need it in no time at all.

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