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Cleaning Up After A Big Event
Published on Friday, 21 November 2014

Cleaning Up After A Big Event Whether you’ve just hosted a large event and booked out a venue or if you’ve held a barbeque or party at your house, no one wants to clean up after the fun and shenanigans of the previous day. However, the clean up job is something that is inevitable and one we all have to get too eventually. It’s best to tackle the cleaning work sooner rather than later so that any stains can be removed quickly and easily and to prevent any unpleasant odours from lingering in your house. So use our expert advice to get the mess sorted and to get your house looking the way it was before.•    Firstly go from room to room with a bin bag, picking up any plastic cups, plates and large objects that can be binned straight away. Try to centralise the clutter by starting to work from those areas furthest away from most mess, and work your way inwards, binning everything as you go. •    Get the vacuum out and begin to get rid of litter from all your floor surfaces; although be prepared to vacuum more than once during the cleaning process. Start off vacuuming to get rid of the small bits of mess so that you can see the bigger picture, then get at it again once you have dusted and taken care of all the other cleaning jobs. •    Steam cleaning can be used to get rid of all those food stains and dirt left over from the night before. During your after event house cleaning, steam cleaning in combination with a simple stain remover can work wonders for your carpets and floors. There’s no need to go buying some fancy cleaning products from the local store; simply use some white vinegar mixed with some warm water and dab at the stain or dirt spot to remove. Then for your carpet cleaning, steam clean to give your carpets and rugs a fantastic finish and a brand new look.  However, before using any stain removal technique, its best to check your furniture’s label first or consult with the manufacturer to ensure that it won’t get further damaged. •    Beat and shake your rugs outside which will dislodge any dust and dirt that has lodged itself deep within the fibres; this will also make it easier to pick up the dirt when you vacuum or steam clean.•    Put your fabrics and curtains in the washing machine, but again, be sure to check the labels to ensure that they’re washing machine proof. Most of these materials are, but it better to check all the same. •    If your rooms have acquired that after party smell, then do something about it immediately, otherwise the bad odours might sink into your sofas and carpets and become even harder to remove. The cheapest way to rectify a bad odour problem is to open all the windows in your house. The breeze will get rid of the smell in a relatively short amount of time, but be sure open up your back doors for a while to ensure the smell has somewhere to go.  If your carpets and upholstery have acquired the smells, try sprinkling a small amount of baking soda or a deodoriser onto the affected areas; leave it to absorb some of the smells, then vacuum of steam clean. •    If this all seems too much for you to take on, you can of course call a cleaning company, and let their team of professional cleaners get your house clean at a time and date that suits you.

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