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Cleaning Tips for a Hectic College Student
Published on Saturday, 08 May 2010

Cleaning Tips for a Hectic College Student
College students usually have busy schedules. Their weekdays are often being consumed with their daily homework at school, curricular activities at school, and their personal needs.  In the weekends, they usually rest and recover from the very tedious weekdays that they had.  This leaves them less time to attend to cleaning their apartments or even their own personal rooms.  With such a busy schedule, the following cleaning tips are being handed:
Always set a day to laundry your dirty clothes and stick with the schedule.  Schooling requires uniforms to use.  And more often, you only have enough clothes to wear during school days. So, in order to avoid having piled up dirty clothes, always laundry and wash your clothes on a regular, weekly schedule.  Since you do not have the time to clean even in the weekends, it is best that you allot a few minuets everyday to de-clutter the home. In this way, you can avoid having a house or apartment that is totally dirty.  If you are eating at home, instead of using washable plates and utensils, buy disposable plates instead.  This will help you eliminate in having a dirty kitchen because of dirty utensils.
With such a hectic schedule getting a better way to clean up your house is a must. And these are the best cleaning tips that you can ever have.

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