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Cleaning Tips for a Bright and Sparkly Shower
Published on Monday, 29 March 2010

Cleaning Tips for a Bright and Sparkly Shower
You walk into your bathroom to clean yourself. But how will you sanitize yourself if your own shower is soiled and filthy? Remember to give your bathroom regular scrubbing cleaning at least once a week just like you do with other rooms. It doesn't have to be a time consuming chore. A little scrubbing and rubbing is all it takes to give your shower that nice and bright sparkle.
Begin by cleaning the walls. Use mild bathroom cleaning solutions for your home. Using harsh chemicals can be harmful for you and your family. For occasional cleaning, polish your bathroom walls with car wax. This can be done at least twice a year.
After cleaning the walls, go straight to your bathroom floor. If you have a tiled bathroom, use a tile cleaner. Paste wax is recommended to use for flooring. Paste wax prevents the build up of water spots in your flooring. Finish off by wiping your floor with a dry towel or rag.
Water minerals like calcium and magnesium leave unpleasant residues around your sink and faucet.  To get rid of these stains, soak a cloth in vinegar and place it around the faucet. You can also use lemon juice and baby oils to remove light stains in your sink. On the other hand, you can mix lemon juice and a paste of borax to get rid of dark, stubborn stains.
Be ready at all times-- This is the best tip you can follow when it comes to cleaning showers. Keep an all-purpose cleaner and a sponge handy.  By doing frequent cleaning, you won't have to go through tiring, major bathroom clean-ups.

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