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Cleaning the Family Home - Who should Clean What?
Published on Sunday, 20 January 2013

Cleaning the Family Home - Who should Clean What?

Cleaning is hard work, but it shouldn’t stop you getting stuck in and cleaning up the mess. We often put off cleaning right until the last minute, unless of course, you are one of those rare beings that actually enjoy getting on the marigolds and giving your house a once over. If you’re not a clean freak, you’ve probably used every excuse in the book to get out of cleaning; it’s too early, too late, too sunny or too cold, literally, every excuse in the book. What’s more, it’s probably not even your mess you have to clean up after. Kids love leaving their toys in every spot across the home, loved ones enjoy leaving clothes, bags and shoes in the most awkward spots and no one else has the ability to do the dishes or laundry. So, considering they made the mess, why not get them to pitch in with cleaning it up?

Draw up a rota

To get the whole family into the cleaning spirit, and to avoid excuses, it’s necessary to keep a well organised rota, and most importantly stick to it. Give young children small tasks to do and give everyone in the house hold a weekly chore; from emptying the bins to washing the dishes. By drawing up a rota, you can decide what gets done and when, making it most beneficial to you and the overall cleaning of the home. Think about your rota carefully; older children will only try to get out of tasks on the weekend, so ensure they have a chore to fulfil on a Monday when they’ll be in. Why not make sure the kids are doing the washing up, by splitting in between the children or the whole family, that way everyone feels the household cleaning is being split equally.  

Roping in the kids

It might be hard to rope in the kids, especially if they’ve lived a chore free life to date, but even the youngest of children can have the odd task to help out the whole family. It’s great to teach kids young, so get them to help you with the odd jobs, such as putting away clean dishes, organising laundry or tidying away the table. When children are interested in playing with toys, it’s imperative to teach them to put toys away, and kids can definitely be in charge of keeping their own room tidy. Have children sort out their dirty clothes ready for you to wash and get them into the habit of putting clothes away properly.

Stop the mess in its tracks

Easier said than done, but essentially, a fantastic way to stop your continuous cleaning is by stopping the mess in its tracks. The whole family need to help, but by everyone doing their bit, and being generally tidier, should help massively in the household cleanliness. Small habits, such as scraping food from dishes ready to be washed, sorting laundry ready to be cleaned and putting things away and into their own room immediately, will stop clutter getting unbearable. Instilling this into young children will make those terrible teenage years partly more bearable.

Older children could also be in charge of their own tasks; cleaning the cups and plates left in rooms, or even doing their own laundry, which is certainly a load of your mind.

Barter with your teens

Young children are malleable, but teenagers are much more like hard work. Probably the only way to get teenagers to help out with cleaning the house is through bartering or begging. Let your teens have the freedom they desire, but only after doing some chores. When they start to fret about what they wear, have their own taste in clothes and need new outfits for every occasion, it’s time for them to be washing them themselves, or at least getting it into the laundry basket on time for wash day. You might be met with plenty of hostility at first, but it will soon lead to a happy, harmonious and cleaner home.


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