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Cleaning Furniture: Vital Things to Bear in Mind
Published on Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Cleaning Furniture:  Vital Things to Bear in Mind
Cleaning is something not most individuals will look forward to.  It is sometimes a tiring job.  However, as long as you know some special techniques to help you accomplish the task, all complications will turn out to be simpler than you have expected. When it comes to house cleaning, always include your furniture in the process.
When it comes to cleaning furniture, the practise is to consider the type you are dealing with. It is more than just focusing your attention on grease and stains.  Sometimes, you may apply the wrong cleaning agents to the type of furniture you own. Below are some simple tips to consider.
Leather Furniture
Whilst cleaning your leather furniture, make sure that it is positioned away from direct sunlight. Sunlight may cause the surface to crack. Daily cleaning of the furniture is required and can be done with the use of a warm-washed microfiber cloth. Vacuum cleaning will not help by this time.
For more intensified cleaning, you will need a water-based leather cleanser.  Apply the agent on a sponge or a cloth and wipe it on the furniture through a circular motion.  Avoid making use of the following items whilst cleaning leather furniture:  oils; baby wipes; silicones; varnish; ammonia and abrasive cleaners.
Microfiber Furniture
Dusting is relevant for daily cleaning of microfiber furniture.  Terry cloth or feather dusters may be utilised.  Unlike leather furniture, you may use vacuum cleaners for microfiber versions.  Remember to make use of a soft brush attached to the cleaner.
For thorough cleaning of your microfiber furniture, mix soap and water together.  Apply the mixture on a dampened terry cloth before you wipe the furniture.  Cleaning should be done by sections to make sure that the purpose of thorough cleaning is dealt with accordingly.  Use a softly-bristled nailbrush to bring back the furniture into its usual form.
Outdoor Furniture
If you have outdoor furniture to clean, dusting them off will make the job easier.  Usually these items are made out of wrought iron or aluminium thus the cleaning endeavour is rather easier than complicated.  Check if dead insects preyed on the material.  Do this procedure at least once a month.
These are the basic consideration for furniture cleaning.  Since you have invested some cash to purchase such items, you should exert an effort to keep the items clean all the time.  After all, this endeavour will add more value to your household items.

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