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Cleaning Drink Spills From A Carpet - Tips
Published on Monday, 29 October 2012

Cleaning Drink Spills From A Carpet - TipsEvery once in a while we happen to spill something on our favourite carpet. It is just inevitable. If you have children you are already aware of the fact that a carpet cannot stay perfectly clean for a long time. Spilling food, crayons, drinks and all sorts of other things is one of the major problems for every homeowner. Drink spills are some of the most common problems for every carpet, but there is usually a solution. One of the basics of cleaning a drink spill is to act immediately after it has happened. If you see the spill happen, you need to clean the spot right away or it will be harder or impossible later on. A drink spill can cause a serious harm to every carpet, leaving a nasty stain which can go deep under into the fibers. Here are some useful tips on what to do when a spill happens and how to treat different drink spills on your carpet.

The first and most important rule is to treat the spill as soon as possible, before it goes deeper into the carpet's fibers. Another rule is not to rub the area where the drink spill is. This is because while rubbing the stain you are smearing it and simply spreading it further and further onto the carpet. Wiping causes the same thing - a bigger stain which is harder to remove. The way to treat the spill is by blotting the area, without any rubbing, so you don't make it worse than it is already. Make sure you have the right cleaning solution for the spill. Not every detergent is good for your carpet.

One of the worst and ironically one of the most common drink spills on a carpet is red wine. We all know that it can totally ruin a carpet and it sometimes looks like it is just the Murphy's Law that's happening. The full removal can take up to 30 minutes if you treat the spill immediately. First of all, blot the spill with a clean cloth, ideally white. Don't rub and don't wipe the stain as you will only make it bigger, simply blot it. Pour some water on the stain and blot again. The water should be able to dilute the wine, as long as you don't pour a big amount. You can make a mixture of 3-1 baking soda and water, which becomes a sort of paste and then put the paste on the stain. Leave it to dry and then vacuum the paste. If the stain is still there after these techniques, use a carpet stain remover and follow the instructions of the bottle. Before you use a special carpet cleaner, apply it on a hidden area on the carpet to see if there is any side reaction.

Another common drink spill is coffee which takes between 15 and 30 minutes to clean entirely. The first thing to do is blot the stain and pour small amounts of cold water on it. If you do that right after the spill, it may be the only thing you need. Blotting should be done with a clean cloth with pressing movements, not rubbing. Repeat the process a few times until the stain vanishes. If it's still there, even a tiny mark, use a carpet stain remover on it. Don't use too much of the cleaner as the residue attracts more dirt.

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