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Cleaning Company VS Independent Cleaner
Published on Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cleaning Company VS Independent Cleaner

Making the decision between hiring a cleaning company and hiring an independent cleaner is a difficult decision, there are pro’s and con’s to both and you should carefully consider these before making any decisions.

Perhaps call around a few cleaning companies and find some adverts of independent cleaners, do an over the phone mini interview so you cans see for yourself the major differences between the two.

Cleaning companies are becoming more popular as a way of outsourcing our cleaning needs.  As a result of this they are growing and changing, offering more services at competitive rates and with highly experienced staff.  

Cleaning company Pro’s:

•    More often than not cleaning companies have insurance which is included in their charges and covers you in the event of something happening to your stuff, i.e. if any of your belongings are lost, stolen or damaged. Independent cleaners do not have this, if something happens it is you that will have to pay to fix it, unless your cleaner offers to pay some towards it which is very unlikely.

•    A cleaning company has a team of employees.  This therefore means that if your cleaner is off sick you do not need to worry, the cleaning company should be able to send you a replacement cleaner until yours is well again, you won’t need to go without a cleaner.

•    The cleaning company are the ones that hire the cleaners and they are responsible for all the advertising, arranging and conducting interviews and both attaining and looking into references.  This means that you don’t need to do all of this, saving you a lot of time and energy.

•    You pay the cleaning company and they are responsible for paying the taxes on the cleaners earnings.  This means that you don’t need to research and understand employment law and your responsibilities as an employer.

•    Can have more than one cleaner at a time, this is particularly useful if you decide you need a spring clean or a deep clean.

•    Cleaning companies can usually offer specialised cleaning services,

•    More often than not they supply their own cleaning materials.

Cleaning company Con’s:

•    Often more costly than an independent cleaner.

•    You may not always have the same cleaner, the company will send out who they have available.

•    Some companies aren’t reputable-they don’t check the references of their employees or pay them a decent wage.

Independent cleaner Pro’s:

•    You choose your cleaner, you interview them and you get their references first hand, therefore you know you’re happy with them (unlike a cleaning company where you just have to hope you’re happy with the cleaner they send).

•    An independent cleaner is often cheaper than dealing with a cleaning company.

•    Often more willing to do specialised cleaning at no additional costs, they are usually more flexible.

Independent cleaner Con’s:

•    If your cleaner is off sick, you have no one to clean your home, it is either left to get dirty and untidy or you must do the cleaning yourself.  Your cleaner may also take holidays, meaning you have to try to arrange temporary cover for this.

•    You have no insurance if any of your belongings were to get damaged, lost or stolen.

•    An independent cleaner is often thought of being more likely to take advantage of you, by doing things like using your telephone or computer.

•    You have to choose your cleaner, this involves advertising, interviewing, checking the employee is allowed to work in the UK, checking references etc.

•    You usually have to supply the cleaning tools for them, this means everything from sponges to bleach and bin liners, which adds to the overall cost of the cleaner.


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