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Cleaning and Refreshing the Furniture
Published on Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Cleaning and Refreshing the FurnitureSo you want to redo the living room? Bedroom? Hallway? Sometimes it feels like a house just needs a refreshment, but you simply do not have the opportunity or financial ability to do full-scale renovations. Never fret, there are a number of things both home-owners and tenants can do to refresh their surroundings and make everything look new once again, all without breaking the bank. As the furnishings are an important part of any room, they are a good place to start. To refresh and switch up the look and feel of a room, you don't even have to go looking for brand new furniture. A few simple adjustments and a bit of creativity can go a long way in home renovations. And, with some enthusiasm and experimentation, the renovations can actually turn into an interesting and fun project. So here are a few suggestions and ideas for home restoration on a budget.

First thing's first. To make sure your furniture looks brand new, everything has to be spotless. Make sure you polish any wood parts and vacuum the soft furnishings. A simple wood polish should do for the wooden parts, unless there are some stubborn stains that need to be dealt with. Different types of stains need different treatment, so if you find any spots, make sure to look up how to deal with them. If you have any furry pets, you also need to go over the upholstery with a Velcro brush to get rid of any animal hairs.

This should do for a simple refreshment of your furnishings. If, however, you are still not satisfied, there are a number of extra things to do.

Maybe the upholstery needs a more thorough cleaning. Generally, this can be done by removing it and washing it in a washing machine, making sure to use the appropriate time and temperature for the fabric. There are also a variety of upholstery shampoos which are commercially available, so you have the option to clean the upholstery by hand. This will however require a lot more time and effort. Finally, if you simply do not want to deal with any of it, you could get your upholstery to a professional cleaner. Usually dry cleaners have special rates for large pieces like this.

Alternatively, if your upholstery isn't removable, the best option may be a steam cleaner. This is good, because not only does the pressure remove dust and impurities, the high temperature of the steam also gets rid of any harmful bacteria and unpleasant smells. Moreover, the steam will make your soft furnishings feel crisp and clean. The only drawback is that because of the moisture, you are going to have to waif a few hours for your furniture to dry.

As for the wooden parts of your furniture, if you decide that polishing them is simply not enough, you may want to refresh the varnish or lacquer. Keep in mind that this is a multi-step process. First you need to remove any stains or spots that may have soaked into the polish. If after this, the polish isn't corrupted, you can now disassemble the wooden furniture and lay a new coat of varnish over each individual bit. If, however, the old cover is corrupted, you will have to clean it off (different types of finish are dissolved with different chemicals), sand off any imperfections and lay on the new varnish, giving the furniture at least one day in the sun between coats, so that they can dry evenly.

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