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Cleaning and Caring for Jewelry
Published on Monday, 27 August 2012

Cleaning and Caring for JewelryThe tradition of decorating with jewelry goes back to antiquity. Since then creating jewelry has become a profession, jewelry turned into works of art. Number of jewelry that adorned a woman depends on the cultural traditions in which she grew and the level of material prosperity. Although jewels are resistant to environmental influences, they require care.

Useful Tips
First and foremost, to protect the jewelry from dirt and damage, they must be removed during housework, as well as when applying cosmetics: whitening creams, soaps, perfumes, acetone.

Keep all jewelry in a closed box or casket away from heaters and direct sunlight. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays amethyst, colored topaz (except gold), pearl, turquoise, rubies and garnets lose their color intensity. Exposed to strong heating ruby can completely lose its color.

All jewelry with inlays of stone, "fear" extreme temperatures and high humidity. Therefore, a bathroom is the wrong place to store jewelry, especially silver.

Caring for jewelry made of gold
Dilute dish washing detergent and put it in all your gold jewelry. You can leave them for the whole weekend (or night) and occasionally shaken until the dirt does not come off. Additionally, you can wipe with a soft toothbrush around buckles under the stone. Thus it is possible to clean jewelry with diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, quartz, topaz, beryl, aquamarine. Wash every thing in distilled or boiled cold water and dry with a towel. Gold-plated jewelry is better not to be cleaned with brush, because of the thin gold layer.

Darkened by time gold and gold jewelry can freshen up with onion juice. It is necessary to rub the jewelry surface and leave for a half - two hours. Rinse with water and allow to dry.

To clean rings with stones you can take a cotton bud for cleaning ears and dip it in a cologne, then gently clean the stone and its frame at the top and bottom. Polish the ring with soft flannel or chamois cloth. Sharp objects can't clean the rim of the ring, because it can be hurt. The keep ring stones nice and clean, it is better to remove the ring when you have to wash your hands.
Gold jewelry that has lost its luster can be cleaned in soapy water with ammonia (half a teaspoon to 1 cup water). Then rinse with clear water and wipe. If gold jewelry have stones, the ammonia must be in ratio: 6 drops to 1 cup of water.
On gold ring without stones can be spread lipstick and then rubbed with cotton swab or soft paper.

Rarely on gold ornament appears iodine stain. This can be cleaned if you leave the jewelry for 15-20 minutes in a solution of hyposulphite, which is used in photography.

Caring for silver and nickel jewelry
Like gold, silver jewelry can be soaked in soapy water, rinsed and polished with cloth.
Strongly darkened silver jewelry can be wiped with a flannel cloth with baking soda or tooth powder and rinsed with clean water.

There is a way to clean silver and cupro-nickel ornaments (without stones). In boiling solution (1 tablespoon salt, shells of two eggs and a liter of water) lower for 15 seconds chains, rings and bracelets. Wash thoroughly after boiling them and wipe dry with a cloth rag.

To restore luster leave silver jewelry for 10 minutes in potato broth. Also silver and silver plated jewelry can be washed in soapy water with ammonia solution (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water). Be warned that the blackening of silver can not be cleaned with ammonia. 

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