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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes
Published on Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

When it comes to removing stains from your carpets there are a lot of old wives’ tales, urban legends and myths as to what the best practice actually is. You’ve probably heard all sorts of rumours about how to remove red wine stains from your beige carpets, or the best ways to get rid of urine stains left by your pets and chances are you’ve tried them all. Truth be told, there are very few ways you can combat carpet stains without making them worse. Here’s a list of the carpet cleaning mistakes it’s likely you’re making on a regular basis.

1)    Leaving stains to set.

It’s important you deal with spillages the second they occur so as to prevent stains. Blot with a clean damp cloth at either a lukewarm or cool temperature. Blotting is the most effective method – never scrub at a spill as you’re likely to make it spread and set.

2)    Choosing the wrong carpet cleaner for your carpet.

When it comes to picking a carpet stain-remover you’re most likely to go for the brand name you can trust, but keep in mind that not every product is suitable for your carpet. You should research into the products that are most likely to work on your floors without causing damage. Some carpet cleaners and stain removers will bleach your carpets, so it’s important to do your research. Before using any stain removing product you should test it out on an inconspicuous area of carpet. You should do this before any spillages occur so you can be sure you have the right product to hand when the time comes.

3)    Renting a carpet cleaner.

Renting carpet cleaners is becoming a more and more popular practice, as it provides a cheaper alternative to purchasing expensive equipment for your home. If you’re planning on renting a carpet cleaner make sure you research into how reliable the company you’re renting from is. Budget rentals may seem like a good idea if you’re wanting to save money, but some providers are able to give good prices because their machines aren’t serviced between uses. This means that, although you’re saving money, you could be tracking someone else’s dirt into your carpets. Make your choice carefully if you decide renting a carpet cleaner is the best option for your home.

4)    Relying solely on vacuuming.

Simply vacuuming your carpet isn’t enough to keep it in its best condition. Your carpet needs to be regularly cleansed and deodorised to keep your home smelling fresh and your floors looking as good as new.

5)    Hiring professionals based on price.

If you decide that hiring in professional carpet cleaners is a sensible choice for your home, then you need to make sure you aren’t going to be scammed. Have a look not only into the best quote you can find, but also make sure the company you choose is experienced and using suitable equipment. Try to go off online reviews or the recommendations of friends and family to make sure you’re not going to forking out for a sub-standard job. Be wary of quotes that seem suspiciously low – are materials included in that price, or is that simply the price of the cleaning process? Don’t be afraid to ask questions and always read all of the terms and conditions.


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