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Basic Rules for Garage Cleaning
Published on Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Basic Rules for Garage Cleaning Cleaning has always created frustration and stress for many people. Many find it difficult to organize themselves when they have to clean, so they try to delay the cleaning as much as possible. One of the most difficult places to clean is the garage, because it contains all the stuff we don't use every day.

If you are having some difficulties organizing yourself when cleaning the garage, in this article you will find some basic rules to guide you through the cleaning process.

Rule One: Plan the cleaning
The first and most important thing to do is plan your cleaning. You should create a cleaning schedule in order to know where to start from and how much time you are going to need. Keep in mind , that cleaning the garage will probably take you more than an hour, so plan at least one whole day for its cleaning. It is a good idea to get some help , so you can finish on time and even earlier.

Rule Two: Get Motivated
When you have planned the exact day to clean your garage, your next step is to get motivated. In other words, get yourself in a cleaning mood. Given how difficult it is to clean your garage, you will need to be motivated and well organized. Go through your list of things you need to do when cleaning the garage and prepare yourself.  You can also organize your whole family to help you with the cleaning. This is too wearisome and time consuming job for one person to perform, so it is really important to have someone to help you.

Rule Three: Organize yourself
Having planed the cleaning day , the next thing you should do is organize yourself in advance. You should buy all the cleaning supplies you are going to need and a lot of boxes. You are going to need these boxes to pack the stuff in your garage, thus freeing some space and making it look more organized. You can make a list of all the things you are going to buy , thus making sure that you will not forget anything. You can also make a list of the things you have in the garage and decide what you will keep and what you don't need any longer.

Rule Four: Pack your stuff in boxes
The last rule in cleaning your garage is to pack your stuff in boxes. Think how much space your stuff take, when they are not organized , but just stored in the garage. This is why, you have to put everything in boxes and label them , so you will know where to look when you need this stuff. Besides , if you place your things in boxes on the one side of the garage you will have more space for more stuff . You even can keep the things, which you don't need and they will not take that much space. Remember that , the key to effectively clean your garage is to put everything in order.

These are the basic rules  for effective garage cleaning. However, the most important thing is to prepare yourself for cleaning and get motivated. Planning is also the key to effective cleaning; you should know where to start from and how much time you are going to need. If there is no one to help you , you can plan two days for cleaning the garage. On the first day you can only collect your stuff and distribute them into needed and not needed. On the second day you can clean your garage.

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