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Avoiding Problems When Cleaning Your House
Published on Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Avoiding Problems When Cleaning Your HouseThere are plenty of things that can go wrong when you are cleaning the house, and you will find that most of the time they come from one of three things that you are doing wrong. Whether it be absent mindedness, rushing or using the wrong technique or chemical on the job, then you will need to ensure that you are able to get your cleaning done in a way that avoids the kinds of slip ups that people make when cleaning. Have a look at the various ways in which you could be avoiding issues like scratching the floor, or breaking vases whilst dusting, and see if any of them will be worth putting in to practice in your home. Concentration.If you are cleaning and you are not really thinking much about it, then it can be easy to knock over things that are precious, as you dust around them. Many people have special ornamental things in their houses, that give the place it’s homely feel, and the value of these objects is often very high, especially in an emotional sense. You will find that keeping your wits about you whilst you clean is essential, as otherwise you risk doing less of a good job or breaking things. You will find that the best way to avoid losing concentration is to ensure that you are not doing any one thing for too long. Breaking up the jobs will ensure that you are totally able to get things done quickly and without spending hours at it each time. Instead of cleaning the whole house in one day, try doing individual jobs around the house throughout the week, so that you avoid getting tired and letting the mind wander.RushingTrying to get things done quickly rather than well is going to always be the beginning of the end. You will find that if you are rushing about the house trying to sort stuff, then you will only end up breaking things as you hurry, or simply not doing a very good job. The results of this are that you risk the damage, but don’t get the clean, so if you are hurried, then it is usually not worth bothering. Stress leads to more stress as you try to get things done and fail to do them properly. This is then only going to make the problems at hand worse. Instead of trying to get everything done at once, just do a light job of each one, in reasonable time, and don’t worry too much about it. It is much better that the house is still a little dusty when people come round, than you have a broken lamp and the house still be dusty!ProcessYou need to be using the right process when you are cleaning, as otherwise you can combine things in a way that does not really make any sense. Some chemicals react badly with some surface materials, and you will no doubt find that applying them will leave you with marks on the surface, usually due to acid burning. You will also find that you can scratch things with the wrong tool, especially if you are using something like wire wool. You need to be very sure as to what the material that you are cleaning will take before using a tool on it, as even a stiff brush can make a mark on a wooden object. Be aware that some hard flooring are susceptible to the same issues, so vacuum properly before mopping!

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