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Add Creativity to the Cleaning - Make Cleaning Wipes at Home
Published on Wednesday, 02 January 2013

Add Creativity to the Cleaning - Make Cleaning Wipes at Home

Even the simplest cleaning needs special items like cloths, detergents and sprays. Every housewife knows exactly what she needs from the store and where to buy it from. Many people though like to make things by themselves. Others happen to be in such situation when they will need for example cleaning wipes and they will have no place from where to buy them.

The more things you know the more independent and creative you will get and it will be possible for you to manage with different situations.        

People often think that what can be bought in the store can not be made at home - it can only be manufactured by the big factories. Actually if a person is creative and handy, one can do many things at home. Cleaning wipes are one of them.

The homemade cleaning wipes have few strong advantages compared of those which can be bought ready. First of all they may be significantly cheaper and with fewer chemicals in them. You will only need time, patience and few things to make them.

Before you start the real making, you inevitably have to buy some things from the store, which will be necessary. The basic things that you will need will be one very large roll of paper towels, one food storage container from plastic with regular shape and tall if it is possible, an electric drill, measuring cups for liquids, knife (electrical one will do great job) and a cleaning agent made by you and according to your preferences, as you follow the recipes which will be mentioned below. 

First start with making a hole on the lid of the box, you have picked. You can do it you safely as you put a piece of wood underneath it and cut it with the drill, which is good to be with approximately one or two inched in diameter. 

It is really important to pick for this purpose an extra large roll of paper towels. Thus when pull them out they will stay in good condition and they also can bear longer and stronger scrubbing, compared to the others. As the roll is with the paper towel wrapper on, cut in on two equal smaller rolls and put one of them inside the plastic food container, as you keep the other part of the roll unwrapped in order to refill the box when the first paper is over.

This is the time when you have to pour the cleaning solution on the paper. Depending on what you are going to use the cleaning wipes for, you can make one of the several suggested recipes for cleaning liquid.

In case you want to disinfect surfaces with your brand new homemade wipes, mix half or one quarter of a cup with pine cleaning solution with two and a half to three cups of water. When you need the wipes for easy cleaning your windows and glass surfaces, put two and a half cups of water together with one tablespoon of white vinegar and half a cup of rubbing alcohol.

It is always good to have a universal cleaning wipes. If you want such, you have to combine equal parts of white vinegar and water. For the roll you have picked one and a half cup will be enough.

You will not be able to use the wipes you have made immediately. After you have chosen the right solution for you and you have poured it over the paper towels, you have to wait at least four days for the paper to absorb the liquid. You can control the cleaning strength of your wipes as you change the portions of the ingredients depending on if you need milder or stronger cleaning. You can also add some extra cleaning agent if you think your wipes have began to get dry.  


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