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A Spring Clean: A Guide to Cleaning out the Garage
Published on Thursday, 17 January 2013

A Spring Clean: A Guide to Cleaning out the Garage

Often the place for storage, old items, forgotten toys and spare parts and pieces, the garage is an Aladdin’s den of childhood memories, forgotten treasures and epic clutter. You often organise, sort and clean your home, so why not your garage? Oh, it’s because there isn’t enough hours in the day to get to grips with such a mammoth task. Never fear, this guide will make cleaning out the garage an absolute doddle.

Empty it

Obviously, this is far easier said than done, and you’ll probably need a helping hand or two, but the only way you’re going to even know what’s in there, let alone sort it is by emptying out the contents of your garage entirely. Start with the larger items, and move on to the smaller bits and pieces, leaving them on the front lawn or back garden so you can easily see what is there. Organise large items such as bikes, lawnmowers and gardening tools separately from spare parts, bits and pieces and storage boxes, so you can sort everything and get the garage perfectly organised.

Whilst you’re in the process of cleaning, you might be surprised at what you actually have, so it’s time to think seriously about whether you actually need it. Getting rid of everything you don’t need will make the next steps easier, and will mean cleaning the garage won’t have to be done again for a much longer period of time. You might also be able to make a small profit on those items you’ve been hanging on to such as children’s toys, bikes and bits of furniture.

Organise it

Once you have less in your garage you can get stuck into clearing it, and first thing’s first, is getting it organised. Invest into some sturdy, outdoor shelving and storage units so you can organise all those bits and pieces to find what you need easily. Put odds and ends such as screws, nails and spare parts together, get a system and get it together. Look at shelving units which will keep things off the floor and keep valuables covered to prevent weather damage.

If your family is keen on bikes and they are well and truly blocking up the garage, opt for cycle mounts which can be stood from the ground or attached to the wall. Industrial standard shelving could be attached to the walls to keep child’s toys away from the ground and all those little bits and pieces you just don’t know what to do with should be in a well organised set of drawers.

Clean it

Now it’s looking clear and tidy, you can get to work with cleaning it. You might think it’s not worth cleaning the garage, with it primarily being outdoors, but giving the whole of the garage a good scrub every now and then can prolong the life of what’s in there and make it easier and more pleasant to look for things.

There are very few parts that need cleaning, and you don’t need much more than a few general household cleaning products and some elbow grease. Clean any shelving units or storage that may be gathering rust or dust, give a good wash to hinges and the garage door to prolong its life and give the floor a good sweep. Now it’s clean, tidy and ready to be filled with all your family’s treasures. Your new, organised garage space will be a pleasure to look for things in and a delight to spend time in.


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