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A Selection Of Unlikely (And Lifesaving) Cleaning Solutions
Published on Thursday, 16 October 2014

A Selection Of Unlikely (And Lifesaving) Cleaning SolutionsWe’ve all been in that situation. When a cleaning emergency arises, but you don’t have the right type of soap or detergent to deal with it! At least not close to hand. Here are a selection of unlikely cleaning agents that you’ve probably got knocking around the house. Some are natural, some are just as good if not better than the real thing. Let’s get started.Baking soda is very useful when it comes to the carpet cleaning - it helps to loosen up stubborn stains and dilute acidic spills like vinegar. But that’s not all, combine it with lemon juice to help clean the dishes. It’s deodorizing properties are amazing as well. It can help shift shoe and cigarette odour, among others. Give it a try!Lemon juice is also useful by itself. It works exceedingly well as a cleaner in your kitchen and bathroom, because it disinfects your surfaces and leaves them smelling fresh. It also shifts lime scale like a dream, and helps polish wooden floors and fixtures. Just cut one in half, squeeze out the juices and let nature do the rest!When it comes to dealing with wooden objects though, there’s no better unlikely cleaner than the oil of a walnut. Scuffs, scratches and small chips in wooden floors and furniture are easily dealt with. The all natural oil fills in any imperfections in a gentle and non-damaging way. It smells nice too, as a nice bonus.Coffee grinds are excellent at removing greasy marks, and are also pretty good at eliminating nasty odours. Just put a small zip-locked bag of the stuff in your fridge, microwave or where ever, and you’ll soon smell the difference. Brings a new meaning to the term “wake up and smell the coffee”!Very few people know this, but Olive Oil is a fantastic substitute for stainless steel polish, and because of this, it’s a great tool when you need to do some kitchen cleaning. It brings cutlery up to scratch, and helps clean the outside of appliances in no time at all. For a little extra pep, try combining it with some sea salt to shift some of the more stubborn areas.Vinegar is the most flexible cleaning agent, though it’s hardly anyone’s favourite thanks to its awful smell. But, just add it to some warm water and you’ve got yourself an all purpose carpet cleaner. It removes mud, chocolate, salad dressing, soft drinks and many others from your carpet. It’s useful on other surfaces too, but just be sure to not overdo it - an overly vinegary cleaner could stain or mark the surface you’re trying to clean. It’s an acidic mixture that should be handled with care. But, if you do use it correctly, it’s the equivalent of a Swiss-army knife around the house.So, those are just a few of the camouflaged cleaning agents that may be sitting in a cupboard in your own home. With the exception of baking soda, they’re all organic (and baking soda has an organic substitute), so you need not worry about hurting the environment the next time you do some house cleaning.

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