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A Guide to End of Tenancy Cleaning
Published on Thursday, 19 December 2013

A Guide to End of Tenancy Cleaning

Moving home is a joyous occasion. It can be the end of one way of life and begin a completely new way of being. We can abandon our old routine and problems and begin a new, reinvigorating our day-to-day lives. As happy as an experience as it is, it can be tough because of all the work involved. You will have to manage everything from packing to furniture removals, storage, transportation and more. Trying to get all of this done fully and properly in such a short time is not simple but it is necessary for a successfully move.

One thing you cannot forget to do is clean up your home before you leave it. End of tenancy cleaning is a vital process in which you must make your old address spotless and sanitary before you depart. You would be crestfallen if you arrived at your new abode to find it dirty, dusty, cluttered etc, so you must ensure that this will not happen to the people who move into your current address. It can be tough to manage such a chore amongst all your other work, but if you have the right guide, it can be simple.

The first step to take is to plan everything extensively. Managing your move with your cleaning is no easy feat, so having a schedule will keep you on track, allow full time to be given to each stage and prevent anything from being forgotten. Use this as a chance to work out what apparatus you will need, such as cloths, paper towels, waste bags, detergents, etc. Stock up on these can you can complete each task properly. Getting other members of your household involved is vital, so assign them jobs and rooms to tackle so the clean can go well.

The kitchen and bathroom should be given special attention for your clean, so focus on these first. Wipe every inch of these rooms, getting into every corner. For cupboards, make sure you clean inside of them, as well as the top and underneath. Sanitise the work surfaces and sink in the kitchen, while doing the same for the toiler, shower, bathtub, washbasin, etc. in the bathroom. An unclean bathroom or kitchen can ruin the look and feel of the tidiest home so make sure you and through and cover every aspect.

With these out of the way, you can focus on the living room and bedrooms. These will be simple to clean because you will have packed away most of your goods. This will allow you full access to t the floors and walls, meaning that carpets can be thoroughly vacuumed and any marks on wallpaper banished. Don’t forget to clean things such as the blind and windows, and you should ensure that the attic, basement, garage, shed, etc are spotless. Tidy up your garden, including trimming the lawn and hedges. Warrant that all your goods have been removed and packed safely so you do not leave anything behind.

There should be no stains in your address when you leave, so grab a cloth and some detergents. Scrub away at these blemishes until they are gone and use the clearing agents exactly instructed. Look on the floors, walls, surfaces and any furniture you leave behind to find tarnishes. If you are methodical and work hard, then every spot will be gone, making your abode look as good as new.

It can be stressful, but if you follow this guide, you can conquer your end of tenancy cleaning and make your home ready for its new owners.


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