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7 Ways To Save Money On Your Cleaning
Published on Tuesday, 02 September 2014

7 Ways To Save Money On Your Cleaning 1.    Try setting up a couple of value tests within your cleaning schedule to see if you are spending money unnecessarily. You may well find that the result is that you have been buying a certain type of cleaner, when you could have gotten the same amount of cleaning ability out of a different product. Make a note of when you start and finish a bottle of cleaning product, and compare the time that each product that you use lasts, to ensure that you are getting the best form the products that you buy. You may find that the cleaning product that you buy already is the best, but at least you now know for sure!2.    Think about what alternatives you could be using. You will find that there are plenty of ways in which to get the house cleaning done without actually using a normal cleaning product. If you are using expensive cleaning products, then you can always give lemon, vinegar, and baking soda a try. These things will combine to form a range of excellent cleaning products that will ensure that your house looks just as spotless. The trick is to find a combination that is cheap but still works as well for you, so that you don’t compromise on cleaning ability. 3.    Non brand cleaning products often work just as well as leading brand products. Try using the supermarket branded offerings to see if they give you as much as your branded items do. You may find that you were spending a little more on the brand name for a reason, but if you don’t check then you will never know!  Have a think about the more expensive items on your domestic cleaning shopping list, and then have a look at how you could be replacing them with cheaper items to make your overall spend on the cleaning a little bit less. 4.    If you are feeling like you are always running out to the shops to pick up a little more of something or other, then you may be interested to have a think about bulk buying your cleaning products. Deep cleaning products do not go off like food does, and if you have the space, then there is a lot of money to be saved on bulk buying from a cash and carry place or a wholesaler. You will find that this is what cleaning services do, so perhaps ask a contract cleaner where they get their products from.5.    You could always try making a conscious effort to use less of each product. You will find that it is easy to be pretty brazen with the amounts of each cleaning product that you use, especially when you are trying to get the job done as quickly as possible. Simply have a go at metering the amounts that you use each time, to ensure that you are not at risk of using unnecessarily large amounts of product. 6.    If you use a professional cleaner, then you will know that they can be quite expensive. Should the money be getting tight, then you may want to have a think about using them a little less, and supplementing the amount of cleaning with some of your own. If the cleaners are getting the bulk of the more difficult work done, then you can top up the hours that they don’t do with a few bits and pieces of your own. It’s a little more effort, but for the money saved it may well be worth it.

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