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5 House Cleaning Tips of Advice from Your Grandmother
Published on Friday, 24 October 2014

5 House Cleaning Tips of Advice from Your GrandmotherThe fact that technology has reached an incredible stage of advancement these days is absolutely undoubtable. We are more connected than ever, we move faster than ever and, in one way or another we live longer than ever.Still, some of the “old” things are sometimes better – and your grandma’s pieces of advice are probably the most precious ones you will ever get. The same as she was right about your beauty sleep and eating breakfast, she was right when it comes to many of your “modern” house cleaning issues as well. Which are the top 5 home cleaning tips every grandmother out there knows  - and which should be kept in mind by the younger generation too? Read on and find them out. 1.    White vinegar is miraculousYour grandmother probably did not have as much access to “fancy” products as we do today. Hence, she used whatever she could find around the house that could remove the dirt. Believe it or not, white vinegar is an ace when it comes to this. Sure, it may leave a bit of the typical smell behind, but it will go away very soon. You can use it to clean the tiles, you can use it to clean carpets, you can use it to clean the refrigerator and you can also use it to bid farewell to the nasty smells that sometimes form themselves in the refrigerator too. 2.    Baking soda is just as good, especially under certain circumstancesIf there’s no white vinegar, baking soda can do a lot of the same things. For instance, dissolving a bit of baking soda in a cup and leaving it in the refrigerator will absorb the nasty smells. Also, baking soda works wonders when it comes to oven cleaning as well. You have to make a solution from baking soda and water and shake it very well in a spray bottle – this solution should be applied on the inside of the oven and it should be left there to “moisturise” the hardened grease. 3.    Marble countertops and the Secret of Their CleaningYour grandmother may have had these in her house – and if she didn’t, she definitely knew someone who had them and who had shared this secret with her. Scrubbing and scratching marble is one of its worst enemies: it will make it lose its shine completely before you even know it. Instead of doing this, simply dust them as often as possible and then remove the stains that may have formed there with the help of a piece of cloth dipped in some oil. 4.    Baby Oil and Cleaning Your House If you have lots of stainless steel appliances in your home, you must know how “imperfect” everything looks when it is stained with fingerprints. Luckily, you can very easily remove those fingerprints by using baby oil. Any baby oil will do, even the cheapest one and you don’t need a huge amount of it anyway. In turn, your stainless steel items will look shiny and beautiful again. 5.    Hair-Spray That MarkerPermanent marker, is, well, permanent. That until it meets rubbing alcohol or, more simply, hair spray. If your little kid is a bit of an artist and if his talent was taken out on your furniture, try using hair-spray to remove the “art”. Simply spray and then wipe away using a soft cloth that will not scratch the surface of the furniture. Bottom line? House cleaning may sometimes be much easier than you think it is – and some of the items you most likely have around your home will prove miraculous in your battle against dirt and dust. Yet, when the times call for professional help, do not hesitate to do it because it will ensure you everything is left sparkly clean behind and that everything is in its original state.

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