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4 House Cleaning Mistakes that Are Extremely Common
Published on Monday, 06 October 2014

4 House Cleaning Mistakes that Are Extremely CommonHouse cleaning feels easy – when you are not the one who actually does it. But when you are faced with the reality of the fact that your house may be much more difficult to clean up than you could possible imagine, you will realise that you do need to learn a few cleaning essentials before you take action. Making mistakes is absolutely normal – this is how we learn and how we have been learning ever since the dawn of civilisation. But when you don’t want your mistakes to cost you your time, your money and your most precious household items, you will want to read on and find out about the 4 most commonly encountered house cleaning mistakes people make. 1.    Scrubbing, not blotting. OK, so you have spilled something on your upholstery or on your carpet. That shouldn’t be the end of the world – but your very first instinct will be to take a piece of cloth or sponge and scrub the stain until your arm hurts. Before you do that, stop for a moment and re-think your strategy! Scrubbing the spot will do nothing good for you. In fact, it will only spread the stain over a larger surface – which is the last thing you want right now. Blotting, on the other hand, will allow you to absorb as much of the spill as possible and to stop the stain from expanding its “territories” as well. 2.    Vinegar is your miraculous cleaner. We all admit the need to use as many organic cleaning products as possible. That’s the perfectly safe and healthy thing to do both for ourselves and for the environment as well. But it’s not always the best thing to do for the surfaces you are cleaning.Believe it or not, vinegar (or lemon juice for that matter) is never as mild as you think it is and surfaces such as onyx, limestone and marble can be damaged if you clean them with it. For these types of surfaces, make sure you use something actually mild (preferably something that was created especially for them). Do continue to use vinegar and water solutions on tiles, ceramic bathtubs and other similar items because it will still work wonders! 3.    You don’t get to know your cleaning tools. Another very commonly encountered mistake people do when doing various home cleaning tasks is not taking the time to “get to know” their cleaning tools. For instance, you are probably not used to caring about the colour of the back of your kitchen sponges, but you should know that it this is very important. Green backed sponges are great for heavy duty tasks such as cleaning the bottom of your pots, but they will be awful with plastic, ceramic and laminates. At the same time, white backed sponges are OK for most of the surfaces (except some specialty sponges which may damage vinyl flooring, for example). Bottom line? Read the label and you will save yourself from scratching your household’s most beautiful items and surfaces. 4.    You don’t use your cleaning products right. Aside from not using the right product for the right surface, many people don’t properly use their cleaning products at a very basic level either. For instance, some people use too much cleaning product which is completely unnecessary and can actually damage a surface (by leaving a sticky layer behind, for example). Also, there are people who believe that all cleaning products are disinfectants, but that is completely untrue. Same as the shampoos you use for your hair are not all anti-dandruff, not all cleaning products are meant to sanitise either, so make sure to read the label.

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