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15 Minute Cleaning Guide
Published on Sunday, 17 February 2013

15 Minute Cleaning Guide

One of our biggest pet peeves is when someone decides to pay you a last minute visit, and you look around your home to find it doesn’t look presentable enough. You have about 15 minutes before they arrive and a good two hours of cleaning up to do, what do you do first? Where do you start?  That’s where this guide will come in useful, below are some quick things you can do to make your home look tidy and clean, even when it’s really not.

You don’t need to do all of these, just the things that stand out to you when you look around your home, your guests aren’t there to inspect your house, therefore they will only notice the things that stand out too.

•    Make sure your guest will have somewhere to hang their coat, and if they are likely to remove their shoes, somewhere to leave them. Look at your coat stand, if its looks a bit too full, remove some of your coats and quickly put them in your bedroom out of the way, do the same with your shoes.

•    Get a duster and give all the visible surfaces, and things like your television and visible photo frame’s a quick wipe over to remove any dust. Also wipe over the leaves on your house plants as they collect more dust than you may realise, and they also attract the attention of visitors.

•    De-clutter and tidy surfaces, in particular things like coffee tables that your visitor is likely to use. Make sure you have coasters placed on the table for drinks, this will make your home look more organised and consider adding a fruit bowl or a vase of fresh flowers.

•    Replace any light bulbs, open curtains and blinds and ensure there is plenty of light coming into your house.

•    Open windows and doors to allow any odours to escape, unless of course the odour is that of freshly baked bread, your visitor is unlikely to want to smell it.

•    If you have an open plan home and so your visitor can see the kitchen clearly, you will want to clean that up too.  You won’t have time to do the washing up or if you have a dishwasher may not want the noise of it on, so instead ‘hide away’ your dirty dishes, either in your dishwasher, or in the oven, or even on the draining board underneath a washing bowl.  This isn’t making your house clean, but it is making it look tidy to an outsider.

•    If your visitor is likely to stay a while, there is a chance that they may need to use the bathroom, therefore you need to give this a quick tidy too. Put some bleach down the toilet, give it a quick wipe with the toilet brush and flush, put the seat down and the lid up so your visitor can use your loo without having to touch the toilet lid.  Wipe over taps and your sink and remove any hair or blockages from plug holes. Put in some fresh towels for your visitor to use, and if you have some, get out the fancy looking soap. Have a spray of air freshener and consider opening a window to get a supply of fresh air.  

•    Turn off noisy appliances such as the washing machine and tumble dryer, unless they are in a completely separate room and cannot be heard. This will make your home more welcoming, rather than looking and sounding like you are in the middle of cleaning and house work.


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