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News and Tips for September 2014

Dining Room Cleaning Tips!

Published on Friday, 26 September 2014Your home should be a clean, tidy and sanitary environment for your whole family, and cleaning your dining room should be an essential part of your cleaning schedule. If you’re looking for cleaning tips that can help you to keep a cleaner dining room then have a look at our collection of fantastic cleaning tips!1)    What needs cleaning in...

How To Wash Your Patio Without Straining Yourself

Published on Thursday, 18 September 2014Patios are one of the first parts of the house to get dirty: after all they are completely exposed to the elements of nature and all it takes is a single storm to cover your patio in grime and dust. Patios are hard to clean because they are so large and they get dirty so easily and so frequently. And yet, you cannot do without patio cleaning because it affec...

Effective Ways To Clean The Oven

Published on Wednesday, 10 September 2014So that time has come, when we open our oven doors and see the amount of thick grubby charcoaled grime and grease that has taken up residence in there over a period of time, and is now refusing to vacate easily.Of course we would all love to pop on a pair of rubber gloves and wipe it away with soapy water but as you may already know, cleaning the oven is ne...

7 Ways To Save Money On Your Cleaning

Published on Tuesday, 02 September 20141.    Try setting up a couple of value tests within your cleaning schedule to see if you are spending money unnecessarily. You may well find that the result is that you have been buying a certain type of cleaner, when you could have gotten the same amount of cleaning ability out of a different product. Make a note of when you start and finish a...

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