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House Cleaning London
News and Tips for May 2014

How Clean Should An End Of Lease Property Be?

Published on Friday, 23 May 2014For those who are renting a property, the changeover in occupants can be a difficult time. It is not just the change itself which can be difficult, but the process of getting the entire home ready for someone new to live inside. Depending on the people who were previously occupying the space, this could mean that there is a great deal of work to do or none at all. W...

Removing Blood Stains With Meat Tenderising Liquid

Published on Friday, 09 May 2014Blood is one of the most difficult to remove stains, and you will often discover it much too late to get rid of easily. Once the blood has dried, the pigment is extremely hard to loosen, and this makes for a tough stain to get out of fabrics in particular. There are many methods of removing various stains, but it is always good to have a go to trick for tough stains...

Hidden Benefits Of Professional Bathroom Cleaning

Published on Thursday, 01 May 2014Professional cleaning solutions are still an unknown quantity for many people. While they realise the benefits which such a service can bring, they are unaware of the depth of cleaning solutions which are available and unsure whether the service is right for them. For many, the idea of an expert cleaning simply applies to the regular house cleaning and the occasio...

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