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House Cleaning London
News and Tips for March 2014

Speeding Up Your Home Clean

Published on Friday, 28 March 2014When it comes to cleaning your home, many people are put off by the time which is required in order to perform the task in a satisfactory manner. Finding new ways in which to speed up the cleaning process can always be helpful for all but the most experience of professional cleaners. So when it comes to those day to day cleaning services, finding out a way to make...

Save Time, Money And Strength With Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Published on Thursday, 20 March 2014Cleaning is chore, some people enjoy it and others hate it, either way we all have to do it if we want to a nice clean and fresh home. Depending on what the cleaning duty is, sometimes it can be an easy task and other times its extremely hard work and tiresome. For instance most people vacuum, wash and polish often and don’t mind this chore as it generally...

Oven Cleaning The Organic Way - A DIY Guide

Published on Wednesday, 12 March 2014Cooking in a dirty oven can stink out the kitchen and also sour your food. Because an oven has so many dark pockets, food residue often goes unnoticed and subsequently gets burnt to a crisp every time the oven is re-used. This is precisely why regular oven cleaning is a must. While some advocate a deep clean once a year, the truth is that you're much better off...

How Do You Clean Your Kitchen?

Published on Tuesday, 04 March 2014The kitchen is a classic cleaning nightmare; if you think about it, that kind of makes total sense, as you will no doubt understand that the preparation of food is a whole load more messy than anything that you get up to in the living room. The cooking of food will also release fats into the air, which will settle in places that you clean less often, so when it d...

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