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House Cleaning London
News and Tips for March 2013

How to Keep the Outside of your Car Looking Fresh in Ealing

Published on Sunday, 31 March 2013A car is an expensive luxury, and it makes sense to take care of it. I don't just mean mechanically either, it should have a shining coat of paint, with an interior to match. If you're going to park it on the streets of Ealing, this country's Hollywood, it'd better look like it has star power. Washing the car isn't a hard or tedious job either. All it takes is a f...

Cleaning services in Acton - what to look for

Published on Sunday, 24 March 2013Cleaning is a task that has to be done in any house, where ever you live. It's also a ton of hard work, with all of the different rooms that need different cleaning agents, not to mention all of the elbow grease  required to reach those tough spots. Compound this with the fact that it has to be done regularly, and it's not hard to see why people don't have th...

How to clean the bathroom of your Richmond home

Published on Sunday, 17 March 2013Like any well meaning resident of Richmond, one of the best kept towns in London, you know the meaning of the word clean. The bathroom is where most of the cleaning takes place, and more than most other rooms, the importance of keeping it germ and dirt free is a high priority. Here's how to keep the bathroom and it's many utilities as clean as possible.Step 1: Gat...

Cleaning while Hosting

Published on Sunday, 10 March 2013When it comes round to Christmas time, family birthdays or weddings or any kind of celebration that brings the family close together, you may find yourself playing host to a house full of guests.  If these guests are going to be staying in your home for a night or more then you may struggle to find the time to clean while still being a good hostess and not ig...

Tips on Organising your Home

Published on Sunday, 03 March 2013If you do not keep your home organised, or de-clutter it properly and regularly, it will start to look messy and untidy. Regardless of how big or small your property is, it will only be able to store so much stuff, and unfortunately, it is human nature to keep everything we get given and as a result of this end up living in chaos. Here are some tips on de-clutteri...

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