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News and Tips for September 2012

How to Create a Stimulating Workspace

Published on Saturday, 29 September 2012Working at a desk all day can be exhausting. It comes with not so much physical, but mental fatigue - whether you are based at home or in an office, sitting in the same chair, staring at the same screen for hours at a time can lead to a lot of problems, the least of which is boredom. It is scientifically proven fact that a bored or tired mind performs less w...

Cleaning and Refreshing the Furniture

Published on Wednesday, 26 September 2012So you want to redo the living room? Bedroom? Hallway? Sometimes it feels like a house just needs a refreshment, but you simply do not have the opportunity or financial ability to do full-scale renovations. Never fret, there are a number of things both home-owners and tenants can do to refresh their surroundings and make everything look new once again, all ...

Cleaning Up the Guest Bedroom After a Visit

Published on Sunday, 23 September 2012If you have a guest bedroom, it is probably one of the least used areas of your home. Usually, guest bedrooms are either ignored most of the time, or used for storage in the absence of guests. Whenever the guest bedroom actually gets used according to its purpose, it should be treated very much like a hotel bedroom. That is, once the visit is over, the guest b...

Cleaning Communal Areas

Published on Thursday, 20 September 2012In the climate of a recession, house and flat sharing between friends is becoming increasingly more popular. This can be fun, especially in a good space with youthful, fun-loving people. However, if the place you end up renting is too small and you end up getting in each other's personal space, or if some other problem should arise, the piece and quiet in th...

Cleaning spots

Published on Monday, 17 September 2012The spots are unique phenomenon of nature. They have the amazing ability to appear on the most prominent places literally out of nowhere, and much faster than the new chemical, designed to deal with them. Grease stains have blurred contours. Fresh stains are always darker than the fabric, but over time get a matte finish. The spots that do not contain fat (fr...

Refreshing Air

Published on Friday, 14 September 2012For creating a fresh fragrance at home can be used an oil burner. This procedure requires some caution, since there is a candle flame. If you have children in the apartment, or pets, this way is not always convenient. You can also use spray, but there is another way, which requires little if not intervention. The so-called dry fragrances are very popular. It ...

Kitchen and Bathroom - the Germs' Paradise

Published on Tuesday, 11 September 2012Cleaning the kitchen is not easy. The number one enemy is grease. Before you start fighting with it, remove all small household appliances, to be sure that on the coffee or teapot is not hiding enemy number two - bacteria. Wash working surfaces and the kitchen sink. Spray or pour a disinfectant in the sink and fill plums with a special antiseptic. Leave for ...

How to Get Rid of Refrigerator Smells

Published on Saturday, 08 September 2012The smell of a new Refrigerator, as any new appliances, has its own smell. To not mingle with the scent of a favorite meal, before using the refrigerator it will have to be cleaned up. Use a warm solution of water with baking soda or any detergent. Do not forget to wash the refrigerator exterior. Then wipe dry all surfaces and leave the door open for a coupl...

Friendly Home Cleaning Recipes

Published on Wednesday, 05 September 2012We use a lot of house cleaners from the store for dishes, mirrors, floors, toilets, sinks, laundry, etc. Harm detergents should not be underestimated, they contain toxic industrial components and are harmful to our health. At the same time, we can produce many of the used tools by ourselves with more harmless components. They can effectively clean, and are...


Published on Sunday, 02 September 2012You can clean, remove stains and refresh using environmentally friendly substances easily found at every home. Salt Salt eliminates the yellow sweat stains on light-colored T-shirts. Soak them before washing in a saline solution. In order to "soften" new jeans, add 1/3 cup of salt in the washing detergent. Salt can also help you get rid of the dark plaque i...

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